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for "Some Pigtails, A Lola Jones Book"

Some Pigtails is a fun and empowering story that demonstrates to young readers how the lessons of a beloved book—in this case “Charlotte’s Web can help us think of new ways to solve problems and challenges.

Some Pigtails can be read independently or in conjunction with Charlotte’s Web. However, student familiarity with the story of Charlotte’s Web will enhance their enjoyment and comprehension of ”Some Pigtails”.


Get the classroom companion to the book, "Some Pigtails, A Lola Jones Book." 

How to use the guide and books in your classroom.

  • Curriculum guide written by Christina Hoover Moorehead.

  • Read Charlotte’s Web aloud to the entire class followed by
    an independent reading of Some Pigtails.

  • Have students read Charlotte’s Web independently/at home and read Some Pigtails in class.

  • Have students listen to an audiobook recording of Charlotte’s Web
    (see Sources & Links), followed by an independent home and/or class
    reading of Some Pigtails.


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